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A little party never killed nobody

Author: Catherine | Published: April 7, 2014

We have had the pleasure of catering all kinds of events- weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties for little ones all the way to Eileen’s 75th!
The best one yet was Isabella’s Great Gatsby party. With the help of Kathleen Anderson, party planner not to be topped, no detail was left unattended. It started with the invitations- I will post one here later today. They were perfect and captured the feeling of a 1920’s party to a tee. And the centerpieces were so creative- I will put some of those up as well. I don’t think Kathleen slept for the month prior to the party. I am pretty sure her mind was going non stop thinking up new ways to enhance the evening.
The candy/dessert bar was the best part of it all and I think the guests enjoyed all those sugary sweets. The kids were beautiful in their dress. How impressed we were with their effort.
I was exhausted for days following but I guess that means it was a success.