Sandbridge Beach Wedding Season Opener

Spring is finally in the air and beach weddings are already happening here in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach. I had the pleasure of catering for a beautiful couple- Maura and Joel, this weekend. Such a wonderful family with many guests visiting our beach from Massachusetts. Great clients always make my job worthwhile and remind me why I do this. The wedding and reception were held in a stunning oceanfront home rental on north Sandbridge beach. Although we had a few light showers the rain held off till after the vows and cleared up in time to enjoy dinner outdoors. I remember someone once telling me “don’t worry about the weather report in Virginia Beach, just wait 20 minutes and it will change”…. and it did! Even with a bit of rain the atmosphere was happy, calm and stress-free. Did I really just say “stress-free?” I think the vibe of an event flows from the crowd and these folks were fabulous.

The hosts decorated with a beach theme and all the young bridal attendants brought a flavor of Cape Cod in their beautiful coordinated classically styled ensembles. Check out the look here:

beachwedding1beachwedding2Beach homes usually have the kitchen on the 3rd floor, which can really give a catering staff a workout. This home had an elevator and a beautiful kitchen with four ovens and 2 full refrigerators. The service was held on the 3rd floor deck and the cocktail hour, with passed appetizers was upstairs just inside. Beverages included a champagne toast, signature Orange Crushes and help yourself bars with beer and wine as well as iced tea and lemonade.

Our passed apps included savory chicken and veggie quesadillas, crispy spanikopias, rosemary potato pizza (a favorite of the couple) and mini chicken pot pies.

Downstairs in the dinner area we served a hot buffet dinner of stuffed chicken with spinach and ricotta, herb seasoned steak, creamy scalloped potatoes, roasted zucchini and summer squash and a fresh caesar salad. I think the clean plates were a testament to everyone’s happy tummies.

The family later served brownie ice-cream sundaes to finish things off before many hours of dancing! The party was still in full swing as we loaded up the van and headed out.

beachwedding3 Now after a much needed good night’s sleep, and our first beach wedding of this year’s season behind me I’m excited about all the others soon to come. Sure the weather will always leave us wondering, but there is something about the ocean that we beach folks just can’t live without, I think it’s truly embedded in our soul.

Maura and Joel, it was my pleasure to work with you, I wish you years and years of joyfulness! -Cat





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